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Southern Region Mid-Year Conference Call

Southern Region Mid-Year Conference Call
Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2019 10:00 AM
I. Welcome
Linda thanked everyone for joining the call. Her plans are to start promptly and end within one hour.
II. Roll call
Alabama – Jeff Turnipseed and Greg Williams
Florida – Donna Harwood
Kentucky – Shannon Seebert and Tom Elder
Louisiana – Scott Hymel, Jim Hailey and Nanette Giraud
North Carolina – Roger McCreary
Texas – Roger Foltz and Jim Devall
Virginia – James Porter and Keith Strohecker
Tennessee – no one on the call
Arizona – no one on the call, possibly turning in their charter. Linda needs to follow up with them.
III. Purpose of the call:
Over the years the various Regions have held a Mid-Year meeting for the members of their Region to come together and meet in person. The South has tried this and was unsuccessful in getting everyone together part way through a Blue Goose year. The last time we tried was in 2007 and there were only 4 folks in attendance. Linda shared with the call attendees a highlight that these four folks got to experience – a Guppy Convention and it was noted how this also applies to Blue Goose.. Here is what they learned:
• There are many species of guppies, various shapes and sizes, not to mention gorgeous colors.
• Some guppies just plain standout among the crowd.
• No guppy is too small to bring home accolades.
• Their following is loyal and dedicated.
• Often when shipped or placed in unfamiliar waters they do not survive.
• The whole of the organization is there for support and education.
• Their organization is international.
• Broadcasting the word is sometimes slow and difficult.
Rather than have an event for folks to travel to, the Southern Region will have a conference call with Pond representatives. We will work to keep the call to one hour. The purpose is to share ideas from our Ponds with each other and get to know one another. Sharing our successes with each other can perhaps help another Pond have that same success. If one needs help, we can come together to ask for help.
IV. Pond Updates
Linda asked each Pond to give a status update on their Pond, number of members, events held,
charity activities, acknowledge if they have filed their 990 N with the IRS, have two signers on
their bank accounts, are their State filings current, what are their dues and are their Grand Nest
dues current.
Each Pond presented a report. Great information. (Note: going forward, Linda is planning on
asking each Pond to submit a written report. These written reports will be shared with the other
Ponds in the Region.)
V. Southern Region Convention status update
The 2021 Southern Region Convention will be held in Grapevine, Texas. Linda has been working
with an Event Planner and the Grand Nest on this. When one undertakes a convention, they need
to try raising between $15,000 to $20,000 each year (usually a minimum of a 4-year endeavor).
The Southern Region has found themselves behind in this target goal by approximately $40,000.
To streamline this amount Linda suggested we seek a hotel that serves breakfast and thus we could
eliminate this from the budget. This is proving successful thus this is about a $15,000 to $18,000
savings. Getting free banner hanging is saving us money. Room rate is great, and we are hoping
to have the contract for the hotel completed in the next 30 days. We are working on getting a
couple other key events close to contract so that we can present some highlights in Indy. Linda
will send out info to all those attending the convention so they can share these highlights.
Linda thanked the Ponds for stepping up and sending their financial contributions to the Southern
Region Convention Fund. She asked everyone to stretch and do as much as they can without
jeopardizing their Ponds financial well-being.
In the March letter, Linda sent out, she mentioned a theme/logo contest. Linda reviewed this
contest with all call attendees and encouraged them to mention it to the Pond members. She needs
information by June 1st. All entries will be reviewed by 3 judges and the winner announced at the
Regional meeting in Indy. Winner will receive a paid registration (non-transferrable) to the
winner for the Hartford Convention. Registration paid for out of Southern Region Convention
Corporate sponsorships will be needed for the Southern Region Convention. Linda asked each
Pond to help and solicit 1-2 sponsors. If we all work together, we can achieve the corporate funds
needed. She asked each Pond to have one key person from their Pond over sponsorships and to
send her their info. She will organize a conference call so that we are working in unison and not
everyone going after the same corporate sponsor. (Linda will need these names at the Regional
meeting in Indy.)
The levels of sponsorship were reviewed, and Linda stated that some of the areas are being
changed from what had been sent out with the March letter. In discussing with Keith Strohecker,
they decided to go with lower sponsorship levels. The market has changed and finding that huge
corporate sponsors is difficult, and hard for them to put in a budget year. One can choose a
smaller level and if the following year they can do it again, we will work to upgrade their
sponsorship level. (For example: a sponsor who does $500 Bronze Level for two years, then we
will upgrade them to the Silver Sponsorship level following receiving their funds in the 2nd year.
She asked every Pond to be part of advertising these corporate sponsors in their social media
accounts, websites or newsletters. We will look to have on the Texas website a place for the
corporate sponsors to access if they should like to pay via credit card.
Last, an Indy convention fund raiser idea was presented – guess the number of each color of
Starburst candies in a jar). The goal on this is to raise $2000, which will help cover what we have
paid out to-date for other convention hospitality events and the prizes to be awarded on the fund
raiser. Those attending the convention need to help us with this.
Tentative dates for the 2021 Southern Region Convention are the week of July 11-17, 2021.
VI. Grand Nest Reports
There are several reports that are requested from the Ponds for the convention. Linda shared with
everyone information about the various reports and the urgency to get them into Grand Nest by
June 1st. These reports are: Charity, Gander of the Year, Pond Officers for following year, and
Delegate forms.
VII. Indy Convention
Linda is seeking 3 Southern Region Ganders to be DMLGGs for 2019-2020. These folks will be
assisting Linda in the needs of the Southern Region for the convention. They will act as the
liaison between Grand Nest and the Pond. Each DMLGG will be assigned 2-3 Ponds or Puddles
to work with.
Linda reminded everyone that the Delegates they appoint to attend the convention are required to
attend certain meetings. Once the convention is over the Ponds should submit for Delegate
expense reimbursement. If anyone needs help with this, they can give Linda a call.
VIII. Adjournment
Meeting was concluded one minute over the one-hour timeframe.
Minutes submitted by: Linda Meik

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