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Meeting April 10, 2018

The next Blue Goose meeting will be held at the Cajun Restaurant in Vestavia Hills starting at 5:00 P.M. for officers and 5:30 P.M. for members. Come and have some fun, food, and beverages and help kick off 2018 with new members. Please bring a friend or recruit.

Our Topic of discussion will be elections of the new officers and initiation of several new goslings. The initiation will be at the next meeting May 8th.
Officers election:  If you would like hold office, please let us know as soon as possible . We will have a list of officers that will be recommended by our Alabama pond.  The officer elect roles should be in good standing with the Pond and Grand Nest. The individual undertaking the duties of an officer role should be able to do this continually for 2-3 years minimum.

We ask that you bring a new recruit and friend so that we may continue to grow.

Support Three Hots and a Cot by bringing food, clothing, gift cards and books. I will take the donations to the Veterans on Friday. Please do all you can.


Thank You,


Jeff Turnipseed


Help Our Organization Raise Donations For 3 Hots And A Cot!


Please bring new recruits and a friend.


Officers List: 

Alabama POND


Most Loyal Gander

Jeff Turnipseed


Supervisor of the Flock

Greg Williams


Custodian of the Gosslings

Deloris Garrett


Guardian of the Pond

Gary Murton


Keeper of the Alabama Pond Media

Jett Turnipseed


Permanent Wielder Keeper of Golden Egg

Estell Smith



Past Most Loyal Gander

Cathy Hester



Charities: Open Three members.  

Johnie Munn, Mark Lee, Sunny Cashion.  


Alabama Pond

Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM at Cajun Restaurant in Vestavia Hills on Rocky Ridge Road. 


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